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How To Help Your Students Feel More Confident

Our students are more anxious than ever, but fortunately, there are some concrete things that we, as educators, can do to help them feel more confident in the classroom. This post is the first of a series presenting techniques for boosting student confidence. By the end of the series, you’ll have twenty different strategies you can implement to help your students feel more confident!

Break Out of Your Routine with a Classroom Breakout!!!

Break Out of Your Routine with a Classroom Breakout!!!

Classroom breakouts are one of the most effective activities you can do in any class, but especially in a language class. They naturally help develop critical thinking skills and teamwork, and with all the different materials students must interact with to find their clues, they provide an amazing opportunity for practice in the interpretive mode. And of course, you can customize the breakout to cover any topic that you want, making them great for bringing cultural content to life in a memorable way.

Being Willing to Look Ridiculous

I get it. We all hate looking ridiculous. It’s part of the reason I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog for years, but am only just now writing my first post. Will anyone read it? Do I even want them to? What will they think? Will anyone find my...